Azure Cosmos DB Workshop

This series of workshops will give you hands-on experience working with Azure Cosmos DB using the SQL API, JavaScript and .NET Core SDK.


Prior to starting these labs, you must have the following operating system and software configured on your local machine:

Operating System

  • 64-bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher 1


Software Download Link
Git /
.NET Core 2.1 (or greater) SDK 2 /
Visual Studio Code /


It is recommended to complete the labs in the order specified below:

Accompanying Powerpoint Decks


  1. If you are unsure of what version of the .NET Framework you have installed on your local machine, you can visit the following link to view instructions on determining your installed version:
  2. If you already have .NET Core installed on your local machine, you should check the version of your .NET Core installation using the dotnet --version command.
  3. Once you have downloaded the compressed (zip) folder for the Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool, you should extract the contents of the folder to your local machine and run the dtui.exe executable to use the tool.